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Welcome To GRRMF
Come join us in our mission to rescue and re-home Golden Retrievers.




To be Loved by a Senior Golden is Pure Heaven
Help us save more of our older ambassadors in need.

Senior boy Oscar Senior girl Annie Senior girl Diamond Senior boy Whisper Senior girl Muffin Senior girl Hope Senior girl Nicki


We have experienced more than our normal share of seniors this year and are looking for families to offer them a wonderful life in their “golden” years. Our seniors have been completely vetted and received all the necessary medical attention. Some of our seniors have no idea how old they are. They are active and loving and just want to be near their human or canine companion. Until you have experienced the joy a senior can bring, you have not been witness to golden love. Do you have room in your heart and home for one of these special gifts?

Learn more at Top 10 Reasons to Adopt a Senior Golden.

Start your adoption process at How to Adopt page.

See more golden love at our Available Goldens page.

How about helping a senior golden through the Foster Experience.

Please consider a donation to help us save more older goldens who are more easily (and incorrectly) dismissed.



Meet Our Featured Lizzie Janis
This baby girl has a very special heart that needs special love and attention.


Lizzie Janis - 3291
Age: 2 years   Gender: female   Breed: golden retriever   Status: available   Weight: 79 lbs.

Lizzie entered this world like any other Golden, tail wagging, not a care and love to give for all. Unfortunately in only 10 short weeks Lizzie’s world was turned upside down. Her puppy exam showed a systolic murmur; further examination revealed a hole in her heart and two of her mitral valves showing moderate to severe valve dysplasia, a congenital cardio defect. Not exactly what a puppy wants to hear. Within a couple of days Lizzie underwent heart surgery which closed her hole but unfortunately there isn’t any magic surgery for her valves.

As a result of this defect her cardiologist said that Lizzie’s life expectancy is likely to be limited by the disease, however the prognosis is variable. Lizzie doesn’t understand this and still thinks she is a happy-go-lucky puppy chasing her tail, barking at squirrels, and going for walks.

Her exercise is limited which leads to a pup that can be mischievous. Being one smart girl, Lizzie can find something to get into when you’re not watching; say a trash can, socks, or magazines on the coffee table. Never one to destroy them, Lizzie will “retrieve” the article for you whether you wanted it or not! Now the tennis ball – another story; Lizzie will chase tennis balls for her limited exercise but usually she becomes a “pointer” not a “retriever.” “Here Dad,” she seems to say, “You threw the ball right here!” Then off she goes. Yes, Lizzie is still puppy when she can be.

Lizzie has adapted to a life of daily medications and twice a year extensive cardiologist exams that include Echocardiograms and bloodwork. The 3 medicines that Lizzie needs to take daily can be costly, not to mention her twice yearly cardiologist exams:

Daily medicines ($5.00 daily)


Cardiologist visits (2 yearly)


Misc. vet visits (shots & puppy mischief):

 $ 200.00



Whether Lizzie is adopted by a perfect family or stays in GRRMF’s wonderful sanctuary program for the rest of her life, your gracious and generous donations are greatly appreciated for dogs like Lizzie that come to GRRMF very often in desperate need of your help.

As heart breaking as this defect is, Lizzie has learned to live with her limitations these last 2 years. Let’s help her live the rest of her years as happy and tail wagging as possible.

Will you be one of Lizzie’s sponsors?
GRRMF is thankful for your donations and being part of Lizzie’s care giving team.



Sam is our XXL boy!
Follow Sam's journey to better weight and good health.

Sam Jack 3280

Sam Jack - 3280
Sam is:   Age: 4.5 years   Gender: male   Breed: golden retriever   Status: available soon
Weight: Intake 168 lbs. red start icon weight in on 8/21 now at 138 lbs. (Down by 30 pounds!)

Sam was surrendered to Golden Retriever Rescue when his owner passed away. He came to us weighting 168 pounds! That’s about 90 pounds more than he should be carrying and it’s going to take time to help Sam slim down to a healthy weight.

Sam went for his second weigh in on Friday, July 17th where he weighed 149 pounds - his foster Mom is doing a great job! Sam is currently eating twice a day consisting of 3/4 a cup of Wellness Core low fat kibble mixed with some raw carrots. As his breathing becomes easily labored, Sam’s foster mom started him on a gentle early morning 1/4 mile slow walk which he is continuing to do very well at. In addition to his outside walks, Sam loves to walk around the house with a big red Kong toy in his mouth and freely wander the yard. He actually chased a lizard the other day!

Over the next few months GRRMF invites you to follow Sam’s weight loss journey and cheer him along the way. With consistent good feeding habits and exercise, Sam will be a healthy young dog ready to be part of an active, loving forever family.

Is your dog overweight?

Check out our overweight page and take the challenge by seeing to a healthy diet and lifestyle for your dog. We only ask that you are careful regarding our Florida summertime heat if you plan more outdoor activities with your dog.

Good luck to everyone and let us know your results and thoughts on our Facebook page.

Be sure to visit our Available Goldens page for additional photos and updates on Sam.

If you can't adopt at this time, please consider making a donation in support of these loving Goldens while they wait for their special family.



Still Watching the Weather
No complacency please - we are still in the middle of our most dangerous weather season.

Watching the Tropics ... Are you prepared?

These are some of the concerning words Floridians pay extra attention to during this time of year. Are you prepared for a hurricane? Does your preparedness plan include your golden? The key to survival during a storm emergency is to be as prepared as possible before the storm hits. Take the time now to plan, while the tropics are quiet. Your time investment in this planning greatly increases your pet’s chances of well-being.

Go to our Hurricane Preparedness page for more information.



The Foster Home Experience
Each golden is lovingly cared for in a home environment while awaiting their new family.


We are looking for a few good homes. Is yours the one we are looking for?
The more homes we have the more goldens (including seniors) we can save!


FOSTERING 101: Do you have the heart to save a life then let it go to live to its fullest?

  1. Is it Easy?
    Easy = nothing and has no reward.
    Fostering is the single reward that fills multiple hearts at once – the golden, the adopting family and yours!
  2. Will I fall in love with my foster?
    Yes. Goldens are notorious heart stealers.
  3. Will it be hard to let go of my foster?
    Yes. Concentrate and revel in the joy the new family feels and you’ll be OK.
    Besides, we have found that once a family has one of our goldens it’s hard to stay away from us so you’ll usually be reunited with your foster at one of our events or our annual reunion picnic.
  4. Is fostering really for me?
    Imagine yourself years from now; you’re going through an album full of pictures with a friend. Page after page you point lovingly to each picture and tell the story with a smile on you face. Will your friend understand how full your life is as you go through your album full of fostered golden retrievers?

(And don't forget the patience and strong constitution to live through those few fosters that seem to hang from the chandelier 24/7 and deliver unmentionable items at the most inopportune time! You will turn them over to their new family with joy in your heart!)

Enter our Foster Experience page
We look forward to adding you to our amazing team of foster families.

Here are some of the areas we cover that are in need of foster homes:
Winter Park – Oviedo – Orlando – Melbourne
Wesley Chapel – Sarasota - Tampa – St. Petersburg




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