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Welcome To GRRMF
Come join us in our mission to rescue and re-home Golden Retrievers.





Our 2015 GRRMF Calendar is Here!
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GRRMF 2015 calendar front cover   GRRMF 2015 calendar back cover
May's featured dog is Ruby Too with head up, smiling into the camera while resting on a red couch with a palm pattern pillow behind her head.   November's featured dog is Anson who secretly had his photo taken while he was busy leaning upright on a tree looking up intently at movement that has captured his attention.   September's featured dog is Chance in a very handsome standing pose in the back yard.

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What makes GRRMF successful?
What goes on behind the golden curtain and how can I join?


"It takes a village" tree and hut icon

As the saying goes, it takes a whole village of people to assist in the smooth transition of a homeless golden retriever into a new forever home.

If you have been thinking about sharing your time and talent for golden retrievers who fill your heart with joy, consider volunteering with GRRMF. We have many different and diverse opportunities for you to consider. You're welcome to do as much as you want as often as you want or just choose something that fits your time and talent and allows you to get your feet wet with the experience.

We are a diverse gathering of volunteers from many different walks of life. We love enfolding new faces with fresh ideas into our family of dedicated volunteers.

Please read more on the different ways you can contribute. Click on the pictures below for additional information.

dog rescue volunteer icons dog rescue volunteer icons

Fill out a volunteer application or simply drop us a note at and let us know where you would like to help.

Thank you for your support and opening your hearts and home to help our GRRMF goldens!





Speaking of Fantastic volunteers ...
Our fosters are dedicated to the success of all our goldens.


foster training class participation foster training class participation foster training class participation
Ann Waterbury, owner of New Dawn Animal Behavior Center

Ann Waterbury, trainer

Bert H. GRRMF volunteer assistant

Bert H., volunteer assistant

What a great day of learning for our wonderful foster volunteers!

GRRMF fosters, 20+ strong, gathered on a Saturday this past September at New Dawn Animal Behavior Center in Clearwater to attend a pilot training program developed especially for GRRMF.

New Dawn’s owner, Ann Waterbury has been a special partner for many years and offered her services to equip our fosters with an expanded toolbox of knowledge in handling behavior issues we see with our rescue dogs (and our forever dogs too!) Ann did an awesome job in providing real life scenario’s completely relatable to what our fosters face every day.

Ann provided great examples of dog behavior reading relating to posture and movement, and her openness and humor provided a great exchange of information and networking with fosters. Ann’s take is away so very true and she says the same on her New Dawn Animal Behavior Center website.

Every dog teaches important lessons such as the benefits of living in the moment, communication is way more than just words, and one has to have fun every day. We have as much to learn from dogs as we have to teach them!

A very special thanks to Ann, her staff and especially to our fosters who travelled, many at great distances, to attend this venue on a Saturday. Thank you to all of our fosters for your commitment to our dogs and GRRMF. You are what makes us strong and gives our goldens a better second chance!





The Foster Home Experience
We are looking for a few good homes. Is yours the one we are looking for?


We place each golden in foster care for the best possible environment while awaiting their new family.

Our Process:

Our talented volunteers have created a successful, coordinated system that helps get our goldens through the intake process and ready for foster care and assessment as quickly as possible for the safety and comfort of the dog.

Our Goal:

We would like to have enough foster homes ready to accept waiting goldens as quickly as possible. The sooner a golden reaches a foster home and final assessment, the sooner they are ready for their forever family.

How You Can Help:

You can supply the missing ingredient to our recipe for success by becoming a foster home. Help save a 4-legged, furry life!



1. Is it Easy?
    Easy = nothing and has no reward.
    Fostering is the single reward that fills multiple hearts at once – the golden, the adopting family and yours!

2. Will I fall in love with my foster?
    Yes. Goldens are notorious heart stealers.

3. Will it be hard to let go of my foster?
    Yes. Concentrate and revel in the joy the new family feels and you’ll be OK.
    Besides, we have found that once a family has one of our goldens it’s hard to stay away from us so you’ll usually be reunited with your
    foster at one of our events or our annual reunion picnic.

4. Is fostering really for me?
    Imagine yourself years from now; you’re going through your family album of pictures with a friend.
    Page after page you point lovingly to each picture and tell the story with a smile on your face and warmth in your heart.
    Will your friend understand how full your heart really is as you go through your album of fostered golden retrievers?

Do you have the heart to save a life then let it go to live to its fullest?
(And don't forget the patience and strong constitution to live through those few fosters that seem to hang from the chandelier 24/7 and deliver unmentionable items at the most inopportune time! You will turn them over to their new family with joy in your heart!)


We look forward to adding you to our amazing team of foster families.

Here are some of the areas we cover that are in need of foster homes:
Winter Park – Oviedo – Orlando – Melbourne
Wesley Chapel – Sarasota - Tampa – St. Petersburg




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