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Welcome To GRRMF
Come join us in our mission to rescue and re-home Golden Retrievers.





2015 Clearwater Florida Centennial Logo

A golden celebration is right around the corner on our West Coast.
Join us Saturday, MAY 30, 2015, as a participant in our wonderful “Parade of Goldens” walk.

Clearwater Florida will be celebrating its 100 birthday with a parade on May 30th. There will be music, dancing, krewes, classic car, civic groups and of course us!

Adopters, volunteers and friends, bring your family members over age 14 to walk with your golden(s) and enjoy a wonderful afternoon of fun and fur during the parade followed by a block party.

Let us know by Wednesday, May 27, 2015 if you are interested in walking with your GRRMF golden so we may send you specific information on meeting time, location and other helpful information. Hope to see you there!

Contact us with your intent to participate or any questions you may have at
be sure to check out all the celebration activities planned at Clearwater Florida Centennial.

2015 Clearwater Florida Centennial Logo





GRRMF Therapy Dogs In Action
James and The Giant Library

This video was filmed by GRRMF alumnus James, one of Professor Fitzgerald's therapy goldens.
James used a GoPro to show you his point of view as he visited everyone at

The Dolly & Homer Hand Law Library
Stetson University College of Law
Gulfport, Florida

The librarians at Stetson University College of Law asked Professor Fitzgerald if James (and Dora) would be willing to star in a short film that they wanted to submit to AALL's (American Association of Law Libraries) annual "Day in the Life" photo and video contest.

Well, not only did everyone have a good time, James' video WON FIRST PLACE! Not bad for a shelter boy who came into rescue Heartworm positive just 3 short years ago.

James sends his best regards to everyone in the entire GRRMF organization. He knows full well that without your help, he wouldn't be the TDI registered *STAR* that he is today!

GRRMF thanks James, Dora, Professor Peter Fitzgerald and his wife Susan for sharing their adventures with us.
We also send a special thank you to the Fitzgeralds for opening their home and hearts to goldens in need.





Summer is Just Around The Corner
Here are a few seasonal reminders for you and your canine companions.


Springtime in the garden

Be sure all your new garden plantings will be safe for your pets should they become interested in laying near them or chewing on them. Here is one of many links available for gardening with pets:

ASPCA Guide to Pet-Safe Gardening
(Plants, Fertilizer, Mulch and more!)

Wearing my thundershirt

Storms can be scarry to some Goldens. Be prepared with a helping hand to keep them comfortable. Here are just a few links to check out for storm anxiety:

Article from our friends at Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue

Bach Rescue Remedy

Thundershirts For Dogs

Springtime heat

Just as you need sunscreen and hydration, don't forget an outdoor water bowl and shady spot for your canine companion. Please see our:

Summer Heat Article




Take part in the GRRMF 2016 Calendar Contest
It's once again time to begin sending in your favorite golden retriever photos!

GRRMF 2015 Calendar Cover GRRMF 2014 Calendar Cover GRRMF 2013 Calendar Cover
GRRMF 2012 Calendar Cover GRRMF 2011 Calendar Cover GRRMF 2010 Calendar Cover GRRMF 2009 Calendar Cover GRRMF 2008 Calendar Cover GRRMF 2006 Calendar Cover GRRMF 2003-04 Calendar Cover

Above are just some of the calendar covers we have had over the years.
Join us and make your Golden one of our calendar alumni.

Get out those cameras and take this opportunity to catch your golden in that perfect pose.
Your golden + Your camera = Fun photos to last a lifetime! Why not share them with us.
Don't miss your opportunity to make your Golden a star!

We are accepting calendar photo submissions through July 18, 2015.

For complete details, see our

For tips on taking the perfect photos, see our




Princess, Our Medical Girl
A golden girl displays a gentle heart even while going through hard medical times.

Princess resting on her bed after surgery. She is awake with head up and looking at the camara. Her shaved and fixed knee is looking clean and healing nicely.

Age: 10 years    Gender: female    Breed: golden retriever    Weight: 75 lb.

Princess needs your help!

Sometimes what begins as a rescue with low cost ear medication can quickly blossom into one that requires costly medical treatment. Princess Fallon is one of those rescues. She came to GRRMF with ear infections and slightly overweight, not uncommon and easily corrected. Once in foster care, a slight limp was detected and upon further investigation it was learned that Princess would require a surgical procedure known as a TPLO (tibial plateau leveling osteotomy), not just for one knee but for BOTH!

Princess continues to improve from her first knee surgery under close supervision from her foster family. She no longer needs to wear a neck cone but still needs to be crated for a while longer during her healing process.

Read Princess' story.

You can make a difference. Become part of Princess' medical care team!




Meet Young Bella
Meet our gentle golden girl receiving needed medical attention.

Bella recently had part 1 of her hip replacement surgery on Tuesday and is resting comfortably in her wonderful foster home. When she arrived home Thursday, she was so tired she was falling asleep sitting up. She wouldn't go to bed unless foster mom or dad was in the bedroom with her. She woke up Friday around 7:30 to do her potty then right back to sleep. Rest and heal well sweet Bella.

We so count on you, our wonderful supporters, to help us financially with Bella’s care.
We will keep you posted on her progress thanks to you!

Bella asleep on her bed after her first surgery.


Bella lounging in a back yard chair. Bella half under a blanket and chewing on a bone.

Age: 18 months    Gender: female    Breed: golden retriever    Weight: 71 lbs.

“Bella” is the perfect name for this beauty. With her striking red hair, she is one gorgeous girl and like any toddler, 18 month old Bella craves attention. This gorgeous redhead loves to go swimming and play fetch and keep-away. She will flip upside down to encourage a belly rub and is a happy go lucky girl. Bella is self-assured and with some training, her foster mom believes she will make a good therapy dog.

Look a little closer however, and you will see her struggling to run like her foster siblings. Look closer and you will see the hip dysplasia that no dog this young should have. What you don’t see is the long and expensive treatment that Bella will require to ensure a full life.

Treatments are available for very young dogs and for fully matured dogs but regretfully, Bella came into rescue too late for some treatments and is not old enough for others. Several surgeries may be necessary to give Bella the chance of a full life and GRRMF will be giving her that chance.

GRRMF believes Bella deserves every opportunity to have a great life and we hope you do too.
Please consider making a donation to GRRMF today to help us help Bella.

You can make a difference!
Become part of Bella's medical care team!




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