Legacy Dog – Spirit’s Success Story

Legacy Dog – Spirit’s Success Story

From 1999

What’s more gratifying than having one Golden? Two Goldens.

And so it was with Gregg and Tom who had adopted Cody (formerly Mitch) from GRRMF in 1996. Three years later, as they searched online for a playmate for him, they spotted a three-month-old puppy whose back paw had been chewed off by a rat in a puppy mill, fell in love and promptly adopted him.Golden puppy

Aptly named Spirit, he was vivacious and courageous, dynamic and determined in every aspect of his long, well-lived life.

“We enrolled him in obedience classes, and despite his missing back paw, he graduated top of his class,” says Gregg. “We were so proud of him. And although we had a temporary prosthetic for him, he just wanted to run like the wind without it – and he did — until he started to grow.

“When he was two, a specialist in Virginia fitted him for a new prosthetic. And he was so impressed by how swiftly Spirit adapted to it that he wanted to take him on the road! We politely declined his offer, saying he would remain at home with us and live his life to the fullest.

“He went on numerous trips with us to the mountains and to Maine, and could hike forever with that prosthetic paw. Given his large capacity for love as well as for adventure, he adored everyone and enjoyed everything. I still have the medal he won at a GRRMF reunion when he dressed as a pirate for their costume contest. What a ham!

“Spirit was, without a doubt, the smartest dog I’ve ever had and the one with the most personality. We affectionately dubbed him the ‘toy hog’ because he was always stuffing his mouth with as many of his toys as it could hold. He was featured in Tales of Gold July 2013 when he was 14 and deaf, but he was still just as sprightly as ever.”

Although Gregg and Tom adopted two more dogs, Hadley and Cheyenne, from GRRMF,  it was spunky Spirit who ruled the roost.

“We lost our special boy at the age of 15 in March 2014. He holds our hearts in his paws to this day and he’ll never be forgotten. I still have – and cherish — the many touching cards we received when he passed.”



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