Success Stories

Our Success Stories

Clementine Olana’s Success Story

Clementine has wiggled her way into the family and kitties hearts.

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Princess Olana’s Success Story

Princess has helped her brother become less afraid!

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Angel Abbie’s Success Story

Angel is an angel with her new loving family.

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Barbie Jen’s Success Story

Barbie Jen, now Rosie, is a hoot around her new family.

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Corey Ashton’s Success Story

Corey, now known as Georgie, has a number of nicknames.

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Frankie Abbie’s Success Story

Frankie Abbie, Now Gretchen, is loving her new family.

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Teddy Jay’s Success Story

Teddy, now know as Ready, is always “ready. See where he’s going!

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Weston Odin’s Success Story

Weston is either happy or happier. See why!

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Baloo Niles’s Success Story

Baloo, now called Leo, is enjoying his new family.

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Jazz Abby’s Success Story

Jazz was a little anxious at first but now? No stopping her!

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Emma Olana’s Success Story

Emma has enjoyed joining this great family.

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Ella Olana’s Success Story

Ella has completed this family and is a good sister!

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