The Woody Fund

The Woody Fund

Woody’s story has a happy ending, but the beginning of it was sad. He came to us from Port Saint Lucie Humane Society with his companion, Rusty. Woody and Rusty were removed from their owners by Police Animal Cruelty Officers. They had been tied in the yard with no food, water or shelter. Rusty had a tumor hanging from his neck the size of a melon. Woody was near death, a skeleton with severe mange and no hair. He wasn’t even recognizable as a golden! They were both heartworm positive.

The Humane Society contacted GRRMF to take these two poor souls. We immediately made it our mission to nurse them to health. Our first adoption coordinator, Betty Wyatt, used all her skills as a retired Air Force Nurse to help these dogs. Woody had mange plus red mites burrowed in his skin. His ears were swollen shut. Betty faithfully treated his skin. He had a very resistant strain of bacteria in his ears and had to have treatments twice a day. Woody was amazing. Despite his terrible condition, he would always come to Betty willingly and loved to be touched. He started to smile every time he approached her. There was hope of a new life for Woody. Many benefactors paid for his care and brought him toys. His life of neglect faded as GRRMF volunteers lavished him with attention and love.

Adoption, however, was a challenge. The picture you see of Woody is his “after” picture. He would never have a full coat of hair. It took a special family to take on this dog, if only they could see past his looks. One day our veterinarian asked “can I foster him”? After a week, our vet called to say that Woody fit perfectly into their family and they wanted to adopt him. Woody was a treasured member of their family for the rest of his life. Rusty also found a wonderful home with a family who many years later are still volunteering for GRRMF.

Both dogs are now at the Rainbow Bridge. We are so full of gratitude for the opportunity we had to help them and thankful for the teachers and an 8th grade class who rallied around them and the wonderful families who adopted them. Read their full story here.

The Woody Fund was started to help dogs with extraordinary medical needs. Your donation to the Woody Fund will help dogs like Woody get the care they deserve.


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