Therapy Handler/Dog Teams

Meet our Team Members

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An area coordinator will contact you as soon as possible to answer your questions about our program. 

Tucker and Handler Susan

Just a smile from Tucker charms everyone he meets!

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Ella and Handler Dan

Bringing joy to children and seniors-Ella always makes you smile!

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Gaby and Handler Lysee

A princess with a golden smile, delights all the people she visits.

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Sophie and Handler Stacy

A true snuggle bug who shares her gentle, calm love with others.

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Rosebud and Handler Betsy

Sweet & spirited, Rosebud delights everyone with her therapy visits.

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Boo and Handler Patty

His eyes sparkle with delight when he visits children and young adults.

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Honey and Handler Helen

Honey is eager to wear her vest and spread happiness to others.

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Tucker and Handler Jean

Tucker is the center of attention and loves visiting all his friends.

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Coconut and Handler Tara

Coconut’s joyful nature brings happiness to children and seniors.

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Hunter and Handler Denise

His loving nature brings cheer and smiles to everyone he meets.

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Zoey and Handler Helen

Her gentle nature and patience brings calmness and joy to seniors.

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Colby and Handler Mary

Happy to say hello, she’s the belly rub girl with a smile!

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Willa and Handler Michele

Visiting Children, is the perfect fit for Willa.

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Angel and Handlers Tom/Teri

Her loving and angelic nature makes everyone smile.

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Cody and Handler Lysee

Cody -The “People Whisperer” he gets lots of smiles, love and hugs

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Holly and Handler Shelley

Calm and well mannered -Holly’s always a hit when she visits.

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Cowboy and Handler Janice

Cowboy’s playful and loving personality will warm your heart

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Butler and Handler Yvonne

An absolute sweetheart who adores affection and belly rubs

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Cid and Handler Darla

Cid dances with delight when he goes to his therapy visits.

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Penny and Handler Penny

Penny will melt your heart with her sweet kisses of compassion.

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Clark and Handler Sarah

Clark is a natural at making people feel special and loved.

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Madison and Handler Ginger

Madison relaxes people with her love and sweet nature.

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Riley and Handler Marc

300 visits to Shriners Hospital for Children. Yeah Riley!

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