Scout and Handler Melissa

Scout and Handler Melissa

Regional Area: Central

Breed: Golden Hearted

Sociable Scout shines in every setting. But he sparkles most when he and his mom visit with the children at the Southwest Branch Library. While Melissa happily admits that the overall experience is FUN, what she finds especially gratifying is having the children read to her calm and supportive dog. She also revels in the way their confidence grows with each successive visit while she and Scout continue teaching them the basics of correct child-canine etiquette.

Although rewarding, senior events are difficult fore Melissa due to a history of dementia in her family. And yet, she LOVES when she and Scout arrive because the seniors are always so excited to see him.

Extremely intelligent, eager to learn and easy to teach, Scout currently enjoys doing agility and has started on scent work. Surprisingly, though, he’s also a dedicated couch potato whose favorite activity is sleeping! Highly adaptable and remarkable resilient, Scout can travel anywhere and everywhere without issue. But what melts Melissa’s heart most about him is that whenever they come in from outside, he still gets the zoomies and then flips on the couch.

As a dog who loves the outdoors, Scout and his handler Melissa do many outside therapy visits. They were recently at Florida A&M University College of Law and enjoyed meeting all the grade school children at Forest Lake Education Center. They also serve as ambassadors for GRRMF and our therapy program at public events to support our education table.

Now this ambitious team hopes to do the extra training needed to qualify for the AdventHealth hospital pet therapy program.

Basic Manners
Canine Good Citizen (CGC)
Hearts of Gold Therapy Team

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