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Golden Cousins

In 2019 when we spread our retriever wings to include our golden cousins (labs, golden doodles, flat coat, curly coats etc), we realized the personalities and characteristics of each of the cousins differ based on their breed. We are sharing some helpful information with our golden lovers on the joy of also loving a Labrador Retriever…both bring joy and endless love to their owners and our rescue with each life we save.

Want to experience the joy of a loving companion?

By rescuing a Labrador Retriever, you are providing a loving home to a dog in need. Giving them a second chance at a happy life can be a rewarding experience for everyone.

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Why choose a Labrador Retriever?

One of the most popular dog breeds, there are many compelling reasons to consider rescuing one:

  • Intelligence and Trainability
    • Highly intelligent and trainable.
    • Quick learners, which makes them easy to integrate into a new home.
  • Affectionate and Friendly Nature
    • Great family dogs, usually good with children.
    • They thrive on companionship and make excellent pets.
  • Good with Other Pets
    • Most often very sociable
    • Tend to get along well with other pets, including cats.
    • This makes them a good choice for households with existing animals.
  • Low Grooming Requirements
    • With short, dense coats, they require minimal grooming.
    • Regular brushing helps keep their coat clean and reduces shedding.
  • Energetic and Playful
    • High energy levels and playful nature.
    • Excellent companions for outdoor activities, such as hiking, running, and playing fetch.
    • If you have an active lifestyle, a lab can be a perfect match.
  • Health and Longevity
    • Generally considered a healthy breed.
    • Proper care, a balanced diet, and regular veterinary check-ups contribute to their overall well-being.
    • Labs also often have a relatively long lifespan.
  • Versatile Breed
    • Excelling in various roles such as service dogs, therapy dogs, search and rescue, and more.
    • Their adaptability makes them the right fit for different lifestyles.

What’s in it for you?

  • Health Benefits
    • Having a pet has been linked to various health benefits, such as reduced stress, lower blood pressure, and increased physical activity.
    • The friendship of a dog can contribute to improved mental and emotional well-being.
  • Companionship, Loyalty, and Unconditional Love
    • Labs are known for their loyalty and strong bond with their owners.
    • They thrive on companionship, providing love and support to their human best friends.
  • Rescue and Adoption Benefits
    • Giving them a second chance at a happy life can be a rewarding experience.

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Thank you for your continued support of GRRMF.


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