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Info Thursday - dog care reference information

Starting in December 2017, we launched Info Thursday on our Facebook page which provides helpful reference information in dog care from various internet sites. We will be saving this historical information on our website for your use.

Here is an index (with associated links) to topics that have been included in the Info Thursday postings on our Facebook page.  For earlier articles, please click here.

These articles are to inform our readers only, and not to be construed to be an endorsement of any product. 

June   6, 2019     –  Dog muzzles can be useful tools if used correctly

June  13, 2019    –  Symptoms & Treatment of Foxtail

June 20, 2019    –  Best Food Dispensing Toys

June 27, 2019    –   Bone Cancer Vaccine for Dogs

July    4, 2019    –   Happy July 4th or is your pup going crazy?

July   11, 2019     –   Best Life Jackets

July  18, 2019      –   Take the Sit/Down/Stand Challenge

July  25, 2019      –  Dog Drooling

August 1, 2019    –  Avoiding Heat Stroke

August 8, 2019    –  Common Types of Cancer in Dogs and their Signs

August 15, 2019  –  How to Teach Verbal Cues

August 22, 2019  –  Habits of Highly Effective Dog Owners

August 29, 2019  –  How to Remove a Tick







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