Message from Our Founder

Message from Our Founder

In the Beginning……

It’s been a long time since a small group of golden retriever lovers took the first steps and committed to rescuing local golden retrievers.  We saw a need all those years ago long before “rescues” became so popular and prevalent.  We worked to carve out a path that we should follow.

It’s been 30 years of rescuing golden retrievers and (golden blends), rehabilitating them, healing their bodies, hearts and spirits and placing them in homes where they are loved and cherished for the rest of their lives.  Our mission was and is still clear, shared not only by our founders but by the current board members and president.

Over the years there have been many changes, and we learned as we grew. We have become better organized, have embraced technology to further the future of golden retriever rescue and have added a network of 200 volunteers spread across much of the state of Florida.  We know how fortunate we are to have such committed volunteers working with us. We could not accomplish what we do without them and they help to make our organization great.

Charlie CroppedFrom the small beginning of #1 dog Charlie, GRRMF has gone on to rescue over 4000 dogs. The need continues for our organization because goldens are still losing their families.  Owners are still losing their jobs and homes, and some become sick or die.  People’s lives change and they realize their dogs are suffering because they can no longer spend time with them, so they relinquish them to us with the promise that we will find them a loving forever home.  As long as the need continues, I hope we will be there to rescue goldens in need.

I am so grateful that GRRMF still exists after so many years. Thank you GRRMF Board of Directors for continuing to remain true to the purpose of rescue, maintaining the integrity and highest of standards that were set many years ago, and moving us into the future.

Sarah Davis


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