Ruby and Handler Toni

Ruby and Handler Toni

Regional Area: East

Breed: Doodle

There is nothing Ruby relishes more than having her tummy rubbed!

She and her mom, Toni, participate in the Pawsome Readers program at Meadowlane and Sunrise Elementary schools and visit several Assisted Living facilities, hospitals and Health First Medical offices. Ruby especially loves the Elementary schools and the Health First Medical offices because the children and associates get down on the floor with her and give her lots of belly rubs. And, as you know, Ruby lives for belly rubs!

Toni’s most memorable visit was when the team was called to a hospital where an associate had died unexpectedly. It was as if Ruby knew instantly why she was there. She went around to the various associates, cuddled with them on the floor, gave them kisses and even sat on some of their laps. She spent an unusual amount of time with one woman who sat on the floor, cuddling with her and rolling over for belly rubs. It moved Toni deeply when she later learned that the woman Ruby had spent the most time with was the best friend of the associate who had died.

Not surprisingly, Ruby’s most endearing quality is her gentle, loving demeanor. At home, she loves doing zoomies around the house and in the backyard. She also loves initiating games of fetch by bringing her parents such items as balls, toys, an occasional sock and all of the sticks that she finds. The consummate cuddle bug, she loves sleeping with her entire body pressed up against her parents at night.

Toni hopes that she and Ruby can work with more reading programs in schools and in libraries.

Canine Good Citizen (CGC)
Alliance of Therapy Dogs (ATD)
Health First and Health First Hospice Therapy Team
Hearts of Gold Therapy Team
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