Max and Handler A.J.

Max and Handler A.J.

Regional Area: North East

Breed: Golden Retriever

Max, born in 2018, has been a Hearts of Gold therapy dog since 2021. Max joins his fur siblings, Cid and Chico, as ambassadors for GRRMF and supporting the therapy program with A.J.  This handsome golden visits assisted living facilities, attends church youth gatherings in the surrounding areas and is part of the Paws to Read program.

Max simply melts at the sight of children and the feeling is completely reciprocated. At one Friday Fun Night event at Lutheran Church of Resurrection, one little girl said she “loves Max sooo much!” Max, of course, gave her a big kiss in return.

At home, Max is a typical golden who often likes to walk around with something in his mouth. When it happens to be his favorite toy, he is very vocal in showing it off with pride; and is ready to play keep away from anyone trying to take it from him. Max is truly a happy guy who often can’t contain his own enthusiasm. When he is excited, he makes a sound like Chewbacca from Star Wars and wiggles his rear end!

Because Max has such a deep love for children, and a playful kid at heart himself, his handler knew a reading program would be a perfect fit for him. In July 2023, he tested with a trainer at the Flagler Humane Society, to join as an Ambassador for the Paws to Read program at the Flagler County Public Library.

Max’s enthusiasm and love are sure to help any child’s reading efforts be successful!

Canine Good Citizen (CGC)
Hearts of Gold Therapy Team

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