Sophie and Handler Stacy

Sophie and Handler Stacy

Regional Area: North Central

Breed: Golden Retriever

A rescue dog herself, Sophie revels in giving and receiving love. She brings such joy when she greets others with her happy smile during her therapy work at retirement homes. Sophie does her best work in small gatherings where she can spend special one-on-one time with each resident. And although she’s a playful three year old, Sophie already knows the importance of being calm during a therapy visit so others relax as well.

When Sophie is “off duty,” she is a typical Golden: she loves water and playtime! Whether spending time in the pool or deconstructing a cardboard box, Sophie knows how to have a good time. She also enjoys a good hunt. She will sniff out lizards high and low in her backyard, whether in trees or bushes. 

As a fairly young dog, Sophie is still full of puppy silliness. She likes to greet the day by running around with a stuffed toy in her mouth, jumping around her owner Stacy’s bed. Sophie is a very effective alarm clock!

Perhaps Sophie’s most endearing quality—and what makes her so well-suited to her therapy work—is her cuddling ability. She is a true snuggle bug, often sensing when it is most needed. That gentle, calm love is such a wonderful gift to share. And Sophie looks forward to providing that gift to others with many more therapy visits in the future!

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