Angel and Handlers Tom/Teri

Angel and Handlers Tom/Teri

Angel is the unofficial “welcoming greeter” everywhere she goes. Seeing the joy on peoples faces and watching her make that special connection with others makes every therapy visit rewarding for Angel and her handlers, Tom and Teri.  

Assisted Living, Memory Care, Schools for Special Needs Children and Colleges (during final exams) are just a few of the many facilities that the Hearts of Gold Therapy Teams visit. Angel enjoys participating in all of the facilities; being with people, sharing her love with others is what she is all about. “Angel gives us so much love and comfort every day, to see her share that same love and comfort with others doing therapy work is a special feeling. We have met so many wonderful people because Angel attracted them to us, she is amazing,” says Teri. 

When this sweet girl isn’t doing her special therapy work, she loves to swim, play ball and go for golf car rides. But Angels favorite thing is pleasing her family and friends. Her beautiful smile and angelic nature will light up your day and remind you to make time for the most important things in life – each other!  This and many other fine qualities make her a wonderful therapy dog for others to love and enjoy.

Angel and her handlers are excited about expanding their therapy visits to more facilities that become available in The Villages and surrounding areas.

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