Mya and Handler Bruce

Mya and Handler Bruce

Regional Area: Central

Breed: Golden Retriever

Mya was born in October 2020 on a farm located in Alabama. She was waiting for a lovely family to open their heart to her. When she met Bruce, she found her forever home. Mya has brought joy to Bruce and every single human she has encountered.

Bruce noticed Mya has an extraordinary social grace and aiding capacities, so in May 2023, he decided that they would both join GRRMF Hearts of Gold, so she can enjoy meeting and helping people. As a member, Mya has visited hospices, schools and libraries. By far, children are her favorite.  In one of her visits to an autistic school, Bruce eyed that Mya seemed to recognized they were special needs.  The way the kids responded to his golden hearted pal, and the kindness she showed them, encouraged them to be themselves around her. The children are drawn to Mya and always have a great time around her.

Mya is an early bird. She takes long walks with Bruce at dawn, helping him to stay healthy, strengthening his body and warming his heart. She has tons of fun wandering in the woods and tracking other furry friends. Her favorite activities do not end here. She is a scuba dog!  She loves diving in the Little Wekiva River and watching fishes is a delightful hobby.

Mya has a glorious long road ahead of her filling her path with love, aid, fun and tons of fur!

Hearts of Gold Therapy Team
Canine Good Citizen (CGC)

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