Dublin and Handler Kelly

Dublin and Handler Kelly

Regional Area: East

Breed: Golden Hearted

The dedicated duo of Dublin and mom Kelly have visited various assisted living facilities in the Melbourne area: The Fountains of Melbourne, The Lenox at Merritt Island, Palm Cottages of Rockledge and Palm Bay Memory Care.

Each visit has been fun and engaging in its own way. Even as a puppy, Dublin enjoyed meeting new people and exploring new places, so she’s definitely in her element during these visits! A true “working” dog, she’s very active and curious and always looking for the next challenge, making this therapy program an ideal way to engage her mind and her senses.

As much as Dublin loves socializing with new people and receiving belly rubs, she’s very athletic and likes playing with Frisbees, doing agility tricks and protecting the backyard from any wild “intruders.” But her favorite activity is digging for crabs on the beach and catching them. Even when they grab onto her nose, she just shakes them off and continues playing with them!

Naturally reserved and quiet when she’s out and about, Dublin loves singing and howling at home to her parents, especially in the morning before getting out of bed or when they’re in the car. She’s also a true “Velcro” dog, and her love and loyalty are very special to them.

Dublin was a Nationwide Pet Insurance 2022 Hambone Award Nominee when she stepped on a man o’ war on the beach. She had a mild allergic reaction to the sting, but was otherwise fine, and went back to running on the beach and digging for crabs in no time.

Next on team Dublin’s agenda: participating in school reading programs.

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