Jolie and Handler Marlene

Jolie and Handler Marlene

Regional Area: West

Breed: Golden Hearted

Jolie is an Australian Labradoodle who brings joy to her therapy work wherever she goes.  She loves visiting the airport, where all ages love to love her and there are so many children to meet and enjoy.   She is well traveled in the therapy world, visiting a cancer center, hospitals, libraries, hospices, memory centers, and elementary schools. Jolie has achieved several therapy certifications and recently received her AKC Therapy Dog Excellence Award for volunteering over 300  hours.

When she isn’t doing therapy work, she can be found chasing tennis balls.  She is an artist at catching them, though she never brings them back and simply drops them. 

Her therapy routine is to walk up and put her head in someone’s lap to comfort him/her.  She gravitates to anyone in a wheelchair, sensing a need for comfort and offering it wholeheartedly.  Her love for children is evident too, and she would like to visit a children’s hospital to offer her sweet spirit and companionship there.

Basic Manners
Canine Good Citizen (CGC)
Hearts of Gold Therapy Team
Project PUP certification
The Go Team Therapy Dogs
AKC Therapy dog Excellence Award

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