BT and Handler Jan

BT and Handler Jan

Regional Area: North Central

Breed: Golden Retriever

BT LOVES visiting medical libraries, assisted living facilities, and attending educational events: anywhere he can share his endless and enviable enthusiasm for life! As a high-energy dog, he especially enjoys outdoor activities where he interacts with younger people, but he also enjoys sharing his limitless love with older people who have mobility issues. And to prove it, he worked alongside his mom, a CGC Evaluator, at several Hearts of Gold screening events.

While his main task was role playing the “neutral” dog for one area of testing, it also gave him the chance to learn about proper greeting behavior and medical equipment. As for Jan? Her most memorable moment was when she and BT visited an assisted living facility in Leesburg. Not only did BT thrive on being with residents who just wanted to pet and talk with him, he made his mom extremely proud of his ability to remain calm throughout the entire visit.

A natural athlete, BT’s prime passions are dock diving and swimming. He also loves hiking, excels at agility, FASTCat and disc, and is currently learning a new sport: rally. Because he’s such a happy dog, everything he does makes Jan smile, and his love of life makes her love life, too. But he tickles her funny bone most when they’re in public and she wants to take a picture of him. He poses for the camera! People around will notice and they’ll laugh.

BT has the ability to brighten anyone’s day with his sunny disposition. When Jan’s mother had health issues, BT played a significant role and was always there to cheer her up. The simple act of bringing a smile to her mother’s face, even in the midst of challenging health issues when no one else could, speaks volumes about the compassion and emotional support BT has for others.

Now this incomparable team hopes to help even more individuals who can benefit from the unconditional love of a dog.

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