Hunter and Handler Denise

Hunter and Handler Denise

Regional Area: North Central

Breed: Golden Retriever

A newly minted but passionately committed team, Denise and  three year-old Hunter devote their days to visiting Assisted Living Facilities, spreading cheer and putting smiles on the faces of everyone they meet.

Hunter may be Denise’s first dog but she’s no stranger to pups. In fact, once her children moved out after high school, she was an “empty nester,” with something definitely missing. Then her oldest daughter got an Australian Shepherd puppy and she happily puppy sat once a week. After three weeks, she told her husband that they were getting a dog. After looking at various breeds and after much discussion, they adopted Hunter.

An especially loving dog and an exceptionally good companion, Hunter is very playful with people and loves slobbering all over everyone he meets. He also loves taking daily walks, playing at the dog park with other active dogs and playing fetch with his ball.

As silly as he is social, Hunter loves to do alligator rolls in the grass and smell the different flowers and plants. He also loves to steal his parents’ slippers and shoes and walk around with them in his mouth.

Not content to rest on their laurels, Denise and Hunter’s dream is to do therapy visits at a children’s hospital.

Basic Manners
Canine Good Citizen (CGC)
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