Sparty and Handler John

Sparty and Handler John

Regional Area: West

Breed: Golden Retriever

Sweet and social Sparty spreads sunshine wherever he goes!

When Sparty and his dad visit nursing homes and hospitals, libraries and car dealerships, and attend special events at various locations, his sparkling personality brings a smile to the face of each person he meets. This awesome team especially enjoys visiting the Safety Harbor Library and being part of the “Pawsome Readers” program, an interactive program where very young children read books to dogs. How heartwarming it is, says his dad, to see the children’s eyes light up when they meet the pups.

Sparty is quite the character when he is off-duty from therapy visits! His love for swimming in the Gulf is impressive, and his enthusiasm for it is evident in his frequent visits and lengthy swims. Chasing lizards and grasshoppers adds a playful element to his personality, showcasing his adventurous side. The image of him eagerly awaiting a squirt from the garden hose brings to mind a joyful and carefree spirit.

But perhaps the most endearing trait of all is his fondness for belly rubs. Rolling over with a smile on his face, displaying those perfect teeth, Sparty seems to embody pure happiness and contentment. His playful antics and sweet demeanor surely make him a beloved companion to those lucky enough to know him.

Little did John know that his love for Sparty and his for him would some day save John’s life. Taken ill at home one night and deeply concerned about Sparty’s wellbeing, John phoned his dog sitter to come over and watch him. She, in turn, called an ambulance that rushed John to the hospital where he received the immediate emergency attention he so urgently needed.

Now, with his eye on the future, John hopes to expand Sparty’s visits to other places that house sick and/or lonely patients such as hospice centers and high-care nursing homes.

Canine Good Citizen (CGC)
Hearts of Gold Therapy Team

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