Honey and Handler Helen

Honey and Handler Helen

Regional Area: North Central

Breed: Golden Retriever

Every bit as sweet as her name, Honey spreads happiness everywhere she goes. And living in The Villages with her family, this copper-coated cutie has paw-lenty of opportunity to bring happiness to the residents of a nearby assisted living & memory care centers.

According to Honey’s adoring mom, Helen, the hoo-man half of their new therapy team, Honey becomes extremely excited whenever she’s told, “It’s time to go to work.” She even recognizes her mom’s t-shirt and her very own vest!

As soon as they arrive at the facility, Honey runs to the door, so eager is she to get some of the loving she loves from the residents. And they never disappoint her. They’re always so exceptionally welcoming and warm.

At home, Honey merrily immerses herself in the fine art of gecko hunting, a sight guaranteed to keep her mom in stitches as she endlessly – and fruitlessly – searches the rocks, trees and bushes. Inside the house, she has a bin full of toys, and the living room floor is usually covered with many of her favorites.

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