Asher and Handler Samantha

Asher and Handler Samantha

Regional Area: Central

Breed: Golden Retriever

Although Asher is still a young Golden, he has started his Hearts of Gold therapy career with wonderful enthusiasm! In just a few months, he has visited several different locations, sharing his love with nursing home residents as well as Florida Health Department staff.

Asher’s first therapy visit was at the Amazon warehouse in Orlando. When Asher’s mom saw the instant excitement and smiles from the staff upon meeting Asher, she knew that having him certified as a therapy dog was the right decision. Asher also loves his “job” and simply cannot receive too many pets. He is so happy when his mom puts his therapy vest on him, knowing that he will soon make new friends and bring more joy wherever he visits. 

At home, Asher loves playing with his friends, as well as long walks in new places. His mom loves to spoil him, which Asher fully realizes. He will patiently wait at the window for her to come home after work. Asher will then give a paw to say hello, over and over again! At night, Asher sleeps in the bed just like a human, with his head on the pillow. How cute is that?

Next up for Asher? Visits to AdventHealth and schools. Asher is eager to help make everyone’s day a little bit better with his welcoming smile and gentle love.

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Hearts of Gold Therapy Team

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