Daisy and Handler Teri

Daisy and Handler Teri

Regional Area: West

Breed: Golden Hearted

Daisy and Handler Teri

Teri and Daisy visit Menorah Manor almost every Tuesday, beginning with the Adult Daycare Center. The clients love petting her and watching her watch the squirrels outside the glass doors. One blind client loves rubbing her, describing the color of the fur that she imagines she’s rubbing, while another client brings Daisy treats from home. Next is the memory support floor where they interact with the residents during group activities. Finally, they meet with individual residents who have eagerly marked “Daisy Days” on their activities’ calendar!

Teri’s favorite visits, however, are to a second grade classroom where she volunteers as a tutor. A retired teacher, she loves seeing the students’ reaction to Daisy. She starts their visit with a discussion about the goal of therapy dogs and what skills and training are required. Next, as the students work on various projects while sitting on the floor, she and Daisy visit with each group. After an introduction to each student, Daisy spontaneously rolls over and presents her belly for rubs.

Daisy enjoys going on boats rides and swimming with the family. She also enjoys taking roads trips and exploring new places. Extremely intelligent and highly skilled at understanding visual clues, she can tell when her parents are getting ready to take her for a walk by which shoes they put on. She also knows when her mom is preparing for a therapy visit by which shirt she puts on. If she thinks Teri has slept too late or if she needs to wake her up, she rubs against the bed to gently shake it until her mom reaches down to pet her, then she lies down and waits for her to get up.

Now this dedicated duo look forward to continuing their current activities and hope to find more opportunities for school programs.

Canine Good Citizen (CGC)
Hearts of Gold Therapy Team

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