Rosebud and Handler Betsy

Rosebud and Handler Betsy

Regional Area: East

Breed: Golden Retriever


Everything’s coming up roses when Rosebud’s around!

As sweet as she is spirited, Rosebud has been working paw in hand for the past 6 months with her mom Betsy whose late father suffered from dementia. For this reason, whenever they visit a facility – especially Courtney Springs on Merritt Island — where the men are delighted to see her and so enjoy petting her, it fills Betsy with a very particular kind of joy.

As affectionate as she is active, Rosebud thrives on attention, loves getting visits from the neighborhood children and taking long walks in Gleason Park. She eagerly rolls over onto her back for belly rubs, lapping up the love like a thirsty doggy sponge, and being chased when she’s given a biscuit.

Having learned to wrestle with young dogs while at her boarder’s house, she not only loves wrestling with all of her male doggy friends in the park, she always – and effortlessly — outlasts them!

Betsy is now looking forward to finding room in her schedule to visit more GRRMF facilities and to welcoming more fosters in the fall – especially since Rosebud is always such a wonderful “big sister” to them.

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