Cowboy and Handler Janice

Cowboy and Handler Janice

Regional Area: West

Breed: Golden Retriever

“When he gets playful, he bucks like a small pony,” laughs Janice, “making Cowboy the ideal name for him!”

And yet, this “coltish” 7-year-old Golden is blessed with the natural instincts of a true therapy dog, remaining calm in every environment and greeting new people and other pets eagerly and easily.

As Janice says, “No one’s a stranger to Cowboy, and his two Golden siblings, Winnie and Goose, couldn’t agree more. No sooner had he entered our lives than he fell for our pretty little Winnie while his steadiness – combined with his 90-pound frame – had a stabilizing influence on our smaller but more rambunctious Goose. Now, whenever Goose plays too roughly with Winnie, Cowboy intervenes and takes Winnie under his ‘fatherly wing’ so to speak. He’s extremely gentle with both dogs and all three have found their perfect place in our pack.”

Already acting the part of emotional support dog for Janice and her family, Cowboy loves putting his paws up in their laps and lying his head down while his back end remains on the floor.

“He’ll calmly stay there as long as we want. It’s great stress relief for us. But as caring as he is, he also loves playing the clown. His entire, large, goofy body wiggles when he greets us with a toy in his mouth, and we can’t help grinning at that greeting! Of all the activities he enjoys – including boating and swimming – his favorite is riding in the car, and he always tries running past me to get to it.

“An eager and able student, he also adores practicing agility, quickly mastering such elements as the weave poles and the teeter totter, the A-frame and following me through a course. His favorite element, though, is the table. It’s his happy place!”

Besides bringing smiles to the people he meets on their park visits, Cowboy has joined Janice at the event gatherings that serve as the basis for the highly popular Hearts of Gold videos sent to the many facilities we serve.

“I know that once he’s fully certified by Project Pup,” adds Janice, “his very chill personality will make Cowboy an ideal fit for the elderly in hospitals, nursing homes and assisted living facilities.”

AKC agility title “ACT 1”
Canine Good Citizen
Hearts of Gold Therapy Team 


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