Korie and Handler Lisa

Korie and Handler Lisa

Regional Area: North Central

Breed: Labrador Retriever

Korie is kindness paws-onified, calmly comforting those who need it the most!

Together, Korie and her mom, Lisa, regularly visit Assisted Living/Memory Care facilities, Rehab facilities, the Daybreak Club in the Villages, and participate in Library Reading programs.

They especially enjoy their visits to Assisted Living/Memory Care Facilities together. Korie likes the one-on-one visiting with the residents and often finds one or two people to “settle in” besides sitting or lying very close to them, touching and calming them, and being petted in return.

Lisa’s most memorable visit was at Watercrest Memory Care in the Villages. As usual, Korie hung back, keenly assessing the situation – the people and the other dogs. That day, she found a resident by the door, and sensing her vulnerability, immediately approached the woman who said, “I really need a dog today.” Lisa pulled up a chair while Korie lay for a long time at the woman’s feet, simply touching her, and being petted and petted. Soon the woman opened up to Lisa, talking about her life with her dog she missed so much, and they cried together: a happy, dog therapy cry! She mentioned how much she loved the visit and how much she needed it. Because this has now happened several times, Lisa firmly believes that Korie finds the person most in need and they immediately connect.

At home, Korie likes keeping track of her parents: in the house or out in the yard, she is always close by. She enjoys taking long “sniff” walks in the morning, walking slowly and inhaling all of the smells. During the summer, Korie loves going for golf cart rides, boat rides on the lake, and even rides on a stand-up paddleboard!

Lisa now wants to start participating in exam stress-relief visits with college students and young adults because she knows that Korie would excel at them.

Basic Manners
Canine Good Citizen (CGC)
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