Chico and Handler Darla

Chico and Handler Darla

Regional Area: North East

Breed: Golden Hearted

Since Chico loves being with people of all ages, he and his mom Darla visit such diverse facilities as Grand Oaks Assisted Living, Sabal Palms Assisted Living, Tuscan Gardens Assisted Living, ECHO (teens and adults with disabilities) Imagine School and Flagler County Public Library. In fact, the cheerful little chihuahua even whimpers and pulls Darla towards people!

Darla’s favorite visit was to the Flagler County Library when a little girl was laughing because Chico was lying on her skirt, using it as his blanket. He was snuggling up to her as she read, making both Darla and the youngster’s mom laugh.

At home, Chico likes doing zoomies in her bedroom, and although Darla tries to catch him, he’s too fast for her. He also likes grabbing a sock and running around the room with it playing “keep away,” and sitting on his golden brother Max’s toy dog bone as though it’s a comfy chair. But what he LOVES is being picked up to snuggle on her lap while giving her kisses. At bedtime, he’ll whine until she hoists him up into the bed to cuddle up beside her.

Sweetly sociable, Chico always enjoys greeting everyone he and Darla see on their walks in the neighborhood. For a little chihuahua, he has a very strong pull, and is determined to get his way.

With her eye on the future, Darla looks forward to visiting daycares and schools especially since the children get so excited when they see how cute, lovable and friendly Chico is.

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