Cody and Handler Lysee

Cody and Handler Lysee

Regional Area: East

Breed: Doodle

Meet Cody, the “People Whisperer!”  With his magical personality and loving demeanor, he has cuddled his way into everyone’s heart.  Take for example his visit with his handler and mom, Lysee, at Village Veranda at Lady Lake memory care center.  All the residents were excited to meet Cody except for one woman.  Cody and his handler approached the woman and sat next to her hoping she would interact with them.  After a few minutes, the woman reached for the leash and Lysee handed it to her.  “The woman talked to Cody and put her head on his head. She used to raise Labrador Retrievers and seeing Cody seemed to bring her back to a happy place,” explains Lysee.  

Not only does Cody delight all the residents at one of our newly added facilities in The Villages, he also spreads his joy regularly at the Fountains of Melbourne where he enjoys all the homemade cookies that the residents make for him.  Cody loved his special visit to the Barry University School of Law during final exams. “It was great witnessing the students hugging the therapy dogs and telling stories about their own pets.  A student came in after exams with her young daughter who was afraid of dogs.  When meeting Cody, she initially scooted away but eventually she started scooting closer and closer until they met, mingled and became forever friends,” states his proud handler.

Cody and Lysee are part of our east coast therapy team but they don’t mind traveling long distances when needed to cover events or visits. Cody and Lysee, along with our Hearts of Gold Coordinator, presented the Hearts of Gold program to The Villages Golden Retriever Club. Their efforts jump started the expansion of the Central Hearts of Gold Teams that will eventually be visiting facilities in central Florida.  

Cody and his Cavalier sibling Gaby (who is currently in training) will be looking forward to more therapy visits to different facilities.  Cody’s tail will be wagging when he visits new facilities and gets to make new friends. Smiles, love and hugs -what is better than that!

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