Butler and Handler Yvonne

Butler and Handler Yvonne

Regional Area: West

Breed: Retriever Blend

As the “Golden” half of this 8-month-old team, bright-eyed, beaming and bouncy Butler brings 8 years worth of love to his equally loving mom Yvonne and to their work.

“The perfect dog for us, Butler came from Louisiana and was in multiple homes before we were blessed enough to have adopted him,” admits Yvonne. “He’s brought so much joy into our lives. Our day-to-day activities revolve around him and we ensure that he’s a part of everything we do. The feeling is clearly mutual because he enjoys spending all of his time with us, joining us on car rides and stopping at Starbucks for the cups of whipped cream he loves.

“An absolute sweetheart, he’s calm and gentle and adores affection, especially belly rubs. Exceedingly friendly towards people (everyone who meets him falls in love with him) and other dogs, nothing excites him more than going on long walks each day, where he not only looks forward to getting the exercise but soaking up the sun. He also likes sitting outside when it’s breezy, and although I’ve been trying to teach him to play fetch, he still doesn’t quite understand that he’s supposed to run and bring the ball back to me!

“Our granddaughter, who loves playing dress-up, loves dressing up Butler in funny glasses and hats. Rather than minding it, he thrives on it, reveling in the attention and going along with her crazy antics. Another fun Butler fact: he goes to bed before we do. There’s a dog bed in our bedroom and every night between 7:30 and 8 PM, he’ll get up and leave the family room to go to bed while we roar with laughter. He’s so deliciously silly!

“Despite being new to the program, Butler and I enjoy participating in the Hearts of Gold videos sent to the many facilities we serve in the hope that they bring ongoing joy to everyone viewing them.”

Project PUP Certified
Hearts of Gold Therapy Team


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