Daisy and Handler Adrienne

Daisy and Handler Adrienne

Regional Area: West

Breed: Golden Retriever

Any visit from Daisy and mom Adrienne is doubly delightful – delightful for them and delightful for everyone they meet!

Working the booth monthly at the Safety Harbor Library affords this team the opportunity of meeting people in the community and hearing their dog stories. Not to mention Daisy basking in all of the attention she receives. They also enjoyed visiting the Clearwater Gas Company once where, not surprisingly, the men loved Daisy, and spending time with mentally challenged adults in a Palm Harbor facility.

But closest to Adrienne’s heart is the library. She loved reading as a child and still does, and seeing the children reading and relishing Daisy’s presence while they do is, quite simply, wonderful. And while Daisy is large, she “makes herself” small and inches calmly and gently towards the children.

At home, Daisy divides her time between relaxing in the backyard, going for walks, visiting the dog park for ball catching and carrying around her “best friend,” a green ball. Being as open and friendly as she is, she’s quite the greeter, eagerly going up to everyone she sees to say hello. And, as an avid swimmer, she always loves it when they go to Honeymoon Island. An adorably goofy sweetheart, Daisy “talks” when she doesn’t get her way and, being as tall as she is, she loves placing her head at her mom’s hand level for as much petting as possible!

Now, even as Adrienne hopes to bring Daisy on more hospital visits in the Clearwater area, she never tires of telling people about GRRMF and the wonderful dogs awaiting adoption here.

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