Luna Jen’s’ Success Story

Luna Jen’s’ Success Story

Living up to her name, which her adopters love, Luna, as luminescent as the moon, is sometimes called Loony.


When she first arrived, she explored every room downstairs then mastered stair climbing to explore the second floor of her new home. After investigating her parents’ fenced-in backyard, she joined them for supper and settled down for the evening. Later, several relatives and friends stopped by to meet her and she easily won them over with her sweetness, beauty and smarts.

This tightknit family of three now has a daily routine. Early each morning, Luna wakes her mom to be petted and hugged while her dad makes the coffee. Once Luna takes care of her business in the backyard, they go on a short walk, usually meeting other dog walkers. Several doors up, a cat comes down to the curb (Luna is fascinated by cats), and after staring at each other for a few minutes, they continue on their walk and return home for breakfast.


Especially fond of car rides, she accompanies her parents everywhere – from visiting a waterfront park and a family ranch near Deland to dining with nearby family members and spending Thanksgiving and Bike Week at Daytona. She may not be fond of swimming or tennis balls, but she loves and only plays with her little lamb toy. And yet, when she went to “Doggy Training School,” she was the star of the program, and received her diploma, proudly wearing her cap and gown.


The funniest thing Luna does is watch TV. The first time she saw the movie “Rescued by Rubie,” she stood up, transfixed, and “spoke back” to Rubie. She also likes car commercials that feature dogs, and if any show has a barking dog, she runs up to the TV and begins barking too.

Protective, loving and loyal, Luna keeps a watchful eye on her parents and basks in the pampering she receives in return. Case in point: she gets a special oatmeal bath at the vet’s once a month which is then fluff dried. She comes back clean and soft, and derives the greatest satisfaction out of showing herself off.  


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