Weston Odin’s Success Story

Weston Odin’s Success Story

Welcoming Weston into their lives was, without a doubt, one of the happiest days in his adoring adoptive family’s eyes.

Not only has he been an utter joy to their household, he’s supremely social throughout their neighborhood and likes spreading his boundless happiness to whomever he sees.

He enjoys chasing the cat around the house, but it’s purposely playful, while his older doggy sister is particularly protective of him. And yet, this marvelously mismatched trio gets along wonderfully well.

What makes Weston special, according to his mom, is the fact that he has two emotions: happy and less happy! (He’s always happy, she says, even when he has an ear infection). He always greets his parents and the various guests they entertain with something he’s “borrowed” from them – whether it’s a purse or a cell phone — and merrily wiggles his butt because he’s so proud of himself.

Not surprisingly, one of his favorite things to do is retrieve – in true retriever fashion – items that don’t belong to him and then be chased around the house for them. His favorite toy is a yellow ball which he loves, and his favorite activity is tackling his doggy sister.

A great fan of water, Weston especially enjoys accompanying his parents to the beach up the street to swim and love, love, loves jumping in their own pool any time he can. Once again, in true retriever fashion, he loves taking their shoes and leaving them all over the house.

But the greatest compliment of all: one of the neighbors liked Weston so much that she contacted GRRMF and adopted a dog of her own.


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