Patrick Ashton’s Success Story

Patrick Ashton’s Success Story

Patrick, now “Just being Jackson”, makes this golden’s besotted mom happy and keeps her laughing every day.

A gentleman from the very beginning, he was warmly welcomed into his new family where playtime and excitement promptly became the watchwords of each day. Sweetly social, Jackson insists on greeting everyone who enters the house with one of his ”babies” aka stuffed animals. Passionate about any and all toys, he prefers those that squeak – the louder the better.

His mom’s guardian and protector, Jackson goes from room to room with her to keep an eye out for danger! In fact, on their first night together, he just jumped into her bed, letting her know that this was — and still is – where he wanted to sleep. Not only is he there every night, he’s sometimes there even before she goes to bed. He loves to cuddle and she’ll wake up either with him nestled against her leg or his body draped over her legs. Whenever he hears her stir, he’s right there, greeting her gently with his usual morning kiss.

Highly intelligent and happily active, he loves being outside in the yard with his mom, playing, running around to burn off his energy, and going for walks, easily following her directions. But what he especially enjoys and excels at is chasing “rabbits” (pieces of plastic attached to elastics) at various events, doing it over and over again. An excellent passenger in the car, he and his mom haven’t yet taken any long trips although they do visit craft fairs and dog parks.

Thriving and otherwise healthy, Jackson, like many goldens, suffers from chronic ear infections and skin issues, but luckily he responds well to treatment. As for his equally lucky mom, she feels truly blessed to have such an amazing dog and hopes to share many more loving years with him.


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