Lyric Andi’s Success Story

Lyric Andi’s Success Story

Lyric, now called Georgia, has graced her grateful adopters with her sweet, curious and mischievous personality, brightening their days and making their lives so much warmer and more meaningful.

Not only are they completely enamored of her, she’s the center of their world. Always smiling, always “asking” them to play, she’s also astonishingly affectionate. She LOVE, LOVE, LOVES cuddling with them, morning, evening, anywhere and everywhere. She also loves meeting new people, eagerly inviting and welcoming their cuddles, and absolutely adores other dogs.

Extremely gentle and kind with children and instinctively patient with her family, she delights them with her intelligence and her passion for the outdoors – roaming in the woods, romping along the beach, relaxing on the boat and running around at the park. She also enjoys visiting friends, walking through town and riding in the car with her head out the window.

Notoriously naughty (she once devoured 50 freshly washed garden tomatoes) and a master banana thief, Georgia’s favorite toy is a rainbow trout called “fish.” When asked “Where’s fish?”, she happily fetches it, brings it to her parents (she even brings “fish” to them throughout the day), and always takes it to bed with her, sleeping on it like a pillow. Second is “Lamby,” both big and little, despite the fact that big lamb has been decapitated. But her favorite activity by far is playing with her human “grandmother’s” dog Bear who’s a year younger than she is. They’re constantly chasing each other, rolling around and trying to counter surf.

Every week, it seems that Georgia’s doing something special with her parents. Always up for adventure and admittedly a “tropical” girl, she’s been to Myakka River State Park with them and has cruised the backcountry on their boat, watching schools of tarpon swim by, seeing manatees, dolphins and birds. She’s also accompanied them to St. Augustine where she ran around on the beach, chanting “sandpiper sandwich” as she terrorized the birds, and more recently spent time in Key West, where she especially liked the chickens – perhaps a little too much.



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