Sedona Sofia’s Success Story

Sedona Sofia’s Success Story

Sedona, so sweet, so silly and so smart, makes her parents laugh every day! And her adoring mom readily admits that Sedona’s greatest accomplishment is filling their hearts with love for her.


Overjoyed to have a companion for Blue, their other golden, the family dynamic has more energy than before, and as one family friend noted: they had adopted a ten-year-old puppy! The usual wisdom is for older dog parents to adopt an older dog, who would be a gentle companion, lying by them on the couch. Sedona, however, has more in common with Winnie-the-Pooh’s bouncy friend Tigger than a couch potato.


Brimful of affection, she awakens her dad in the morning by placing her front legs over his body and covering him with kisses. Then, if her mom’s in a recliner, she’ll stand with her back legs on the floor, snuggling into her with her whole body in her lap, remaining that way for a half-hour or more. In short, Sedona’s favorite activity is being with her family, and she likes it best when they’re all in the same room together.


Fond of long sunbaths, she’s equally fond of sorting through the toys in one of her two baskets until she finds one she wants (she also enjoys snatching a toy away from Blue), either returning it to the basket or surrounding herself with toys as she lies on her bed. And known for tearing plush toys to shreds, there are only “tough chewer” toys in the house.

Sedona recently went on a very special outing. The family drove down for the Jupiter Golden Jubilee, where there were over 300 goldens and 500 people on the dog beach. She and Blue posed for pictures with other rescues and with other goldens ten years and older. According to her mom, it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for them all.


As she works with her parents on a more reliable recall, Sedona has earned her own theme song: “Little Surfer Girl” by the Beach Boys. Given a second of unmonitored counter access, she will eagerly devour whatever is readily available, so her parents try to ensure that the counters are clean.


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