Ella Olana’s Success Story

Ella Olana’s Success Story

“Elated” is the only way to describe Ella’s parents’ emotions on the day they brought her home. Not to mention how overjoyed her sister Ayla was at having a new sister!

Life is more full now for this forever family. The “girls” love to play with one another, with their toys, which are everywhere, and with their parents. Ella is a big love bug who would much rather be loved than eat! She’s also a “talker,” and her bark is so low: she’s definitely a tenor. She’ll bark at the neighbor’s dog or at the door, but the minute there’s any noise coming back at her, she runs and hides!  Her eyes are so tender and gentle that when she looks at her mom, her heart just melts.

Ella, who LOVES to go on walks with Ayla, also LOVES a good chew toy, and she has quite a few. When the family took a trip to North Carolina, the sisters did exceptionally well together. Working through some behavioral issues as the result of an unpleasant past, Ella is otherwise blooming and in excellent health.

One of her sillier traits is “picking up” after her sister. If a “baby” (a stuffed toy) is left in any other part of the house, Ella picks it up and brings it back to the living room. Her mom wishes she could teach her to pick up all of the toys and put them in the toy basket instead!


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