Molly Olana’s Success Story

Molly Olana’s Success Story

Molly’s adopters were both very excited and slightly overwhelmed at the prospect of undertaking a new pup.


And yet, as soon as the cream-coated cutie with the generous grin entered their lives, she melted their hearts and changed their world forever. Being as full of life as she is, Molly definitely injected a new energy into their home, not only adding more playtime to their days but more laughter and loving. 


Ever so gentle with children, Molly is highly intelligent, sensitive and perceptive when it comes to others’ thoughts and feelings. She has a large receptive vocabulary and learns new tricks even by watching other dogs. Capable of anticipating her family’s moves and able to feed off their energy makes her all the more amazing!


Particularly passionate about playing, Molly LOVES her many toys, loves to romp around with her golden brother Bailey and loves to go for long walks. She has a favorite blue squeaky ball that she brings to her parents at specific times of the day, delighting them with her ability to catch it in mid-air.


Because she gets sick in the car, Molly’s car rides are limited. But she has enjoyed going up the road to Ranger’s Pet Outpost for grooming and training lessons. Honing her leash walking skills and learning not to pepper the backyard with holes, Molly has completed Level 1, 2 and Canine Good Citizen courses through Ranger’s Pet Outpost. And although she hasn’t quite earned her CGC title yet, this multi-faceted miss, with age and practice, is certain to clinch it!



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