Bullwinkle Jaxson’s Success Story

Bullwinkle Jaxson’s Success Story

Bullwinkle, informally called Boo, arrived as a foster and after three months, he made the decision to stay: forever.                                            

Having already adapted to his new family’s routine, Bullwinkle, at approximately 7 months of age, was already a very large puppy, weighing in at 70 pounds. His astonished parents didn’t realize at the time that he would continue to grow to his current weight of 110 pounds. Therefore, they weren’t surprised when a DNA test revealed that he’s 60% Labrador Retriever and 40% Great Pyrenees!         


Happy, loving and enthusiastic, Bullwinkle lives in the moment and every occurrence is an opportunity for an awesome adventure or an exciting encounter. He’s a great big baby — loveable and funny – who thinks he’s a Chihuahua. He also has two loving aunties who have become very involved with him and his care. The feelings are clearly mutual because he absolutely adores visiting his equally adoring aunties. 

Agile, athletic and always active, he loves playing fetch in the backyard as much as he loves running around it. He also loves chasing lizards and is very accomplished at catching them. While his favorite toy is a peanut butter Kong, Bullwinkle is a chewer and his toys must be indestructible. Benebones fit the bill and he not only loves playing with them outside, he often gets the “zoomies” with them and races from one side of the yard to the other. And although the family hasn’t taken any trips, they do go on daily walks together and visit a variety of parks.

Recalling some of Bullwinkle’s sillier moments, two in particular stand out to his parents. He got so excited once that he jumped over the sofa. He also went though a period where he thought he had to sit in every chair inside and outside, whether they could accommodate his size and weight or not: for example, a swing.                                                                                                                                                                            

But one of his parents’ proudest moments was when he completed two obedience trainings at the local Humane Society.



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