Jazz Abby’s Success Story

Jazz Abby’s Success Story

Aptly named Jazz added the perfect pizzazz to her adoring adopters’ lives.


Captivated by her amber eyes and friendly disposition, her family was both anxious and happy when bringing her home. Jazz didn’t know them and they didn’t know her, but despite the golden’s own anxiety, her welfare was key and her family wanted her to feel both safe and loved. Not only did Jazz adjust easily to living with them, she quickly understood that she was well and truly home.


Jazz thrives on attention, and fortunately for her, she gets lots of it. The family’s dynamic has changed in that they are a pack: their love and caring for Jazz is a bond. Endlessly endearing and most content in their company, she puts her head on her parents’ laps and wags her tail. She dances with them, rolls over for belly rubs, sits at their feet and licks them, and assumes the most graceful of army crawls. She likes to prance past them with her toys in her mouth, letting them know that she wants to play. She loves her blanket and will take it outside with her.


Wonderfully friendly towards everyone she meets, her true passion is play, play, playing! A happy game of catching her ball is one of her favorites, as is going for long walks, including walking downtown and walking on the local trails. At work on feeling less anxious on car rides, and perfecting her commands, thanks to several training sessions, Jazz continues to add her special pizzazz to her adoring adopters’ lives.


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