Emma Olana’s Success Story

Emma Olana’s Success Story

Emma was as excited about joining her new family as they were.


Her sweet personality definitely changed the dynamic in their home. Meeting her family’s two cats was a little tough in the beginning, but all three have done wonderfully ever since. Sometimes they’re all on the “big bed” together, leaving little room for their parents to sleep.


A dedicated “velcro” dog, Emma goes wherever her mom goes, faithfully following her around the house. Nicknamed “Mouthy” because when it’s time for her to eat (6 AM and 5 PM sharp), she reminds her parents that it’s time by making a soft “woof” until they feed her. When it isn’t quite 5 PM, her mom will look at her watch, saying, “It’s not time yet,” and Emma will lie down for about 10 minutes before coming back and “woofing” at her mom again!


Endearingly excitable, regardless of how long her mom’s been out, the instant she returns, Emma greets her by jumping up and down like a bunny and then getting a stuffed animal to bring her. (Sometimes there are upwards of 10 stuffed animals she’s taken from the box and dropped elsewhere).



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