Teddy Jay’s Success Story

Teddy Jay’s Success Story

Teddy, now called Ready, was Ready when he saw his new dad, there was an instant recognition, and he bounded down the sidewalk and “puddled” at his feet. (That means “lay and roll over.” His dad calls it Vanilla Pudding). And no wonder, given Ready’s soft vanilla coat.

Their home had been without a dog for a very long time as they mourned the loss of their chocolate lab, Diesel, and they missed having a canine family member. After volunteering for a year with GRRMF as a transporter and back-up photographer, his mom realized how uniquely goldens interact with everyone, and she too wanted another dog.

Ready always greets his dad at the door with a waggy tail and then puddling. He has only one goal and that’s being near his family. He’s also exceedingly gentle with every child he encounters, making friends with them during his walks in the neighborhood and when visiting the ballpark. In fact, his dad’s baseball team has named him their team mascot.

An accomplished traveler, Ready has his own bed in the family’s RV. He even accompanied his mom alone on the RV’s “maiden voyage” in June. Their first stop was South Carolina to visit an uncle and then on to Kentucky to meet another uncle and his dog, Parker. Parker graciously shared his toys with Ready, and they wrestled and played constantly. But he especially enjoyed meeting an aunt who taught him what a “hot dog” was. Luckily, his mom was there to provide some training lessons in exchange!

A natural at posing for the camera, Ready relishes posing for pictures in front of interesting murals and at special sites along the way during his family’s summer travels. Imagine — 11 states in 19 days in the RV. And yet, this well-seasoned traveler still found the time to earn his Basic Obedience certificate.




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