Pumpkin Nat’s Success Story

Pumpkin Nat’s Success Story

Pumpkin is a special boy who has found his forever pack with Charles and his 13-year-old GRRMF fur sister Dora.  One special moment led to another and things have gotten better for the family.  “Pumpkin went from looking to Dora for protection in new situations to now stepping in to make sure she is okay,” reports Charles, “and Pumpkin has added a lot of energy to the family.  He went from being nervous every time I moved in the house to seeking me out and hugging me or leaning into me.”

One of Pumpkin’s many endearing traits is that he is always happy when Charles returns home, even if he’s just coming inside from taking out the garbage.  Pumpkin is also a big “leaner” and will only lean on people who have earned his trust.  As Charles describes it, “Pumpkin is a hugger.  He will come up on the bed when I am getting dressed, put his paw on my shoulder, and lean in and pull me in at the same time.”  Pumpkin’s silliest trait is that he loves being pampered.  How so, you ask?  Pumpkin loves bath time! As Charles describes it, “I tell him it is bath time and he goes straight to the shower and waits for me.”  As if that wasn’t cute enough, Pumpkin is turning this into a fun event for all of the household pups.  “He has actually convinced my last two fosters that baths are fun,” laughs Charles.

As you can see from his pictures, Pumpkin has very expressive eyes and a special jaw.  But this smart boy is more than a pretty face – Pumpkin loves to do Canine Nosework exercises in his spare time! According to Charles, Pumpkin has made it through multiple manners classes in which he earned his CGC (Canine Good Citizen title), and has gone through Nosework level 4 classes.  He is hoping to do his ORT (odor recognition test) when a class comes to the local area.  Pumpkin also loves spending time with his family, playing with his fur sister in the yard or house, and running up and down the fence line with his next-door neighbor, Jackson, a GRRMF alumni.  Pumpkin’s most favorite activities include visiting the local barbeque restaurant where the owner brings him and Dora chicken or turkey (YUM!), visiting the local pet food store, going for walks, and visiting his buddies at the park.  Sounds like the sweet life!  Let’s not forget that Pumpkin also enjoys regular visits to the Starbucks drive thru for special treats.

Since being adopted, Pumpkin has blossomed into a confident dog who does great off leash at the dog parks, attended the last two GRRMF reunions, and multiple West Coast rescue events.  Way to go, Pumpkin and Charles!



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