Legacy Dog – Judd’s Success Story

Legacy Dog – Judd’s Success Story

In 2009 we adopted our first dog from GRRMF. He was a 4 month old boy named Judd. Fosters Lynn and Barry became friends and we still are even though Judd passed in October at 12 1/2 yrs of age from cancer. When we met him he was timid (coming from a breeder that left the pups to fend for themselves). Once he met our shepherd Einstein all was good. We took him home and gave him love and he returned that love with trust and confidence.

He became “the Prince of dogs”, loyal to his siblings and people alike. He was a red gentle giant who loved every moment. He loved to play toys and dig to the center of the earth.

He became the sweetest boy we have ever had. Giving of himself and soaking up life, he was a joy to watch. He was stoic in general, but his eyes were deep pools to his soul.

Judd was very special to us. We’d take him to reunions where he met his litter mates and enjoyed basking in the sun.

In the end, he was very much the gentleman. We knew he was in pain and our vet administered palliative care as he wasn’t ready to cross the bridge yet. He had lived and graced us all with a treasured 8 more months! Not a second was taken for granted.

When it was time, we told him it was ok to go and that we’d be ok. ( not ). He passed peacefully in our arms at home as we were lucky enough to have his ceremony at home.

We miss you Juddy. Your legacy lives on in a new member from the GRRMF family. Though no one can replace you, we honor you by giving the new dog the love you’d have liked us too.

It’s spring and we will honor you by planting a tree made of the earth and some of your ashes. I shall sit under that tree and remember all the joy you gave us.

Love, Mom and Dad


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