Luna Opel’s Success Story

Luna Opel’s Success Story

Larger than life, in love and in laughter, Luna entered her excited family’s lives and lightened their world forever!

As a play on her name which they didn’t change, her family occasionally calls her, in love and in laughter, LUNA-TIC due to her ever so endearing, sometimes exasperating, but always amusing antics.

Especially happy to have a sister, Shay, her own age, Luna may be the more energetic of the two, but they still enjoy playing together. And Luna’s “over the moon” happy simply being close to her family! She gleefully greets them every morning upside down, follows them faithfully around the house, and especially enjoys having her belly rubbed when she hasn’t seen them for a while.

She absolutely adores playing ball, going for walks on the beach and taking rides in the car because she LOVES looking out the window. Doubling that delight are the longer car trips she takes to visit with family! Then there’s Luna’s passion for puddles. Mud puddles. She’s known to find a mud puddle in the backyard and roll around in it with childlike abandon and glee.

As headstrong as she is happy, Luna still hasn’t perfected her leash manners during their walks. Why? Despite the tips from the trainer her parents hired she still wants to chase after and catch squirrels and birds. And her parents keep a watchful eye on her when she’s around other dogs. While they start out playing nicely together, Luna can quickly become possessive of the toys and balls they’re meant to be sharing.

Can you say LUNA-TIC?


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