Jasper’s Success Story

Jasper’s Success Story

Jasper Abel, now Jasper Lee, loves being with his new family. He loves all of his 3 fur siblings, but he has especially bonded with Cooper, another golden.  Swimming in his pool, camping, or just hanging out with his family make for one happy dog. Jasper thinks the pool is his and swims in it daily even more than the family’s daughter does.  When she is in the pool, he’s very protective of her; if she goes under the water, he is there swimming circles until she appears. “Good Boy!”

Surrendered because his previous family didn’t have enough time for him, Jasper now has a family who love having him and spending time together.  From the beginning Jasper changed the dynamics of the family but for the better according to his dad.  Cooper had gotten lazy as the other dogs are older and don’t run and play as much.  “Enter Jasper… his new pal.  Now the energy, the vigor and the attention these two boys share with each other is remarkable.”

Jasper is very aware of everything.  If there’s anything new around him, be it outside, his toy box or in a room, he lets his family know by his loud defensive barking.  He is also the typical golden who wants to please. “If that boy is not successful in a command and can see or hear the disappointment, he is right back at your feet with those amazing light brown eyes begging for another try and praise,” says his dad. And, of course, as are most goldens, he is a cuddler.  He loves snuggling next to them and wants a hand on his neck.

When Jasper first came to his new family, he was a counter surfer.  One morning he decided the perfect lunch was sitting on the counter just waiting for him, not his dad.   As soon as his human walked into the other room, Jasper quickly helped himself.  He was quick but not quick enough as he was caught with the last slice of pear in his mouth and his front paws pushing off frantically from the counter to get away. “Busted, but I could never figure out how he ate all of that so fast,” Dad says.

Jasper completed obedience training quite easily, and this summer they will be working on his therapy dog skills so he can be certified like his brother Cooper. Both dogs have a knack for people.

Jasper agrees with his dad, who says “I think Jasper found a home that he may just brag about.”   Yes, Jasper would be bragging to everyone if he could, and why not?  His own pool, toys (he likes his elk antlers best), camping trips, human and fur siblings, and two loving parents.  What more could this golden ask for?


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