Sansom Jagger’s Success Story

Sansom Jagger’s Success Story

Sharon and Bill had been thinking of adopting another golden from GRRMF when they lost their beloved Cockapoo, Maya.  Molly was already a part of their family when they adopted her from GRRMF in December 2015.  Molly was 18 months old and loved playing with other dogs. Sharon knew Molly needed a playmate and began her search for a more mature golden to adopt.

Sansom Jaggar looked like a good match, but he was only one year and wasn’t available for adoption when Sharon inquired about him.  Putting their search on hold, Sharon, Bill and Molly where getting ready to leave for a two week camping trip in Pennsylvania when they received a call that Sansom was now available for adoption.  Days before they were to leave, they picked up Sansom and off they went to Pennsylvania with two young goldens.

Sansom was quickly renamed Sampson as Sharon found out his strength when they went for their first walk.  As Sharon describes him, “he was a handful . . .crazy, goofy, lovable, handsome and a happy dog who can make you angry and laugh at the same time”.

Sampson came to GRRMF when his previous family couldn’t care for him anymore because he was too large.  Now, Sampson is a pillar of strength and showmanship as he carries; shoes, toys, towels and anything else he can get in his mouth to show his family and friends.  He loves, swimming, diving and water-even frozen water – ice cubes are his favorite treat! This sweet loving boy is a perfect fit for Molly, they are best buds and Sampson has found a loving forever home.


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