Wilson Marsh’s Success Story

Wilson Marsh’s Success Story

When Wilson became his adoring adoptive family’s newest addition, he joined their two previously adopted goldens, making them into one wonderfully happy golden trio.

They were truly the very best of friends, getting along famously until tragedy struck. Two of them sadly passed away 10 days apart due to serious illnesses. Thankfully, for the grieving family, they had Wilson to fill the terrible void. They eventually adopted a 4-year-old golden named Max who absolutely adores Wilson. Despite the fact that he always lies next to him and tries to engage Wilson in play, Wilson is perfectly content to enjoy his life as a senior.

Still sweet, still smiling, he doesn’t ask for much … a daily ride in the car and a walk along the riverfront. Fortunately, he was and still is very healthy, with only the occasional vet visits for teeth cleaning and the removal of a small tumor.

His dedicated mom, who has always sought ways to spark his interest finally found canine Scent Work. Despite being the oldest dog in the class, newly revitalized Wilson has, in typical Wilson style, shown up some of the “youngsters,” further proving the adage that you can indeed teach an old dog new tricks!


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