Arthur Jimbo’s Success Story

Arthur Jimbo’s Success Story

When Jameson (formerly Arthur) joined his adoptive family, he joyfully joined several other dogs to form one devoted and darling doggy pack.

Still eager to be the first pup petted, he has a “voice”, always has something to “say,” and isn’t shy about using it when he wants more attention. Under his influence, one of the other dogs – and the new puppy – now follow his lead, giving rise to a howl-iday chorus every time they get animated!

Endearing in ways too numerous to count, topping the list are his beautiful, velvet brown eyes that help his family see right into his soul. He’s also extremely obedient, knows his commands flawlessly, and since he’s the most obedient dog his family has ever had, his mom wonders why he doesn’t teach the new puppy everything he knows. And speaking of the puppy … Jameson LOVES his new puppy and always lets him gnaw on him. They frolic around the pool deck together and surprisingly neither of them ever loses his balance and falls in. If by chance, Jameson does get in the water, he simply swims right out!

Passionate about watching ESPN on the pool deck TV with his dad and three brothers, Jameson is equally passionate about shredding stuffies and snatching tissues right out of people’s pockets. And since he can swallow a tissue faster than lightning, his family has learned to keep tissues in the box and then throw them straight into the trash.

Not overly fond of car rides, due to a fear of being left behind, he hurries out of the car as soon as the family reaches their destination. While a doggy seatbelt helps, what truly works best is allowing him to exit the car first while everyone – including his brothers – waits to prevent a logjam at the door. Nor is he fond of seeing other dogs on walks (his family has always wondered if he was attacked by another dog in his past). To remedy this, his dad only walks him at off-hours in the early morning for about ¾ of a mile – which he LOVES! Sometimes one of his brothers tags along, and should they spot another dog, his dad takes him up a neighbor’s driveway and gives him treats until they pass and he feels safe. The family gives trainer Emily a huge “paws up” in thanks for her excellent coaching.


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