Bailey Jonnie’s Success Story

Bailey Jonnie’s Success Story

Bailey brought bounce to Catherine and David’s loving home, brightening their world with his sweetness and spunk.

“We were very hopeful that he and Gracie, a GRRMF alum, would get along,” admits Catherine. “I was also initially concerned that Bailey might be too big, but neither turned out to be an issue. To my delight, Gracie has much more energy now and starts playing with Bailey at random times.”

“Bailey himself is a big, goofy cuddle boy. He’ll sit on my lap like a small dog would, and he clearly has no idea of just how large he is. But he’s been very well trained (he shows Gracie up, especially at dinner time) and he’s exceptionally gentle with her when they play together.”

Besides playing with his sister, Bailey enjoys swimming, and when the family vacationed on Cedar Key, he did very well, taking to the beach like a proverbial duck to water. He also LOVES going for walks, walking best with a harness and gentle leader, playing with toys, romping round the backyard and lying leisurely in the sun. He does, however, have one obsession: squirrels.

“My husband mentioned to me that when we first got Bailey, he told him that his only job was to take care of me,” Catherine says. “And so Bailey obediently follows me into every room. When I’m in the shower, he’ll lie in front of the shower door, basically guarding me. He also has a tendency to jump on my lap when I’m in the bathroom. I’ll leave it at that!”

“The only issue we have, and which we’re still working on, is that when he’s with us in the car, he won’t sit down and relax like Gracie. We don’t know whether it’s anxiety or simply excitement.”

Both Catherine and David now consider their family complete – thanks to the presence of Gracie and Bailey and their two cats, Piper and Maxwell.

“Our lives have truly changed as a result of our relationship with GRRMF. Because of you, we’ve been blessed with the two most beautiful, gentle and amazing family members, Gracie and Bailey.”


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