Isabella Jen’s Success Story

Isabella Jen’s Success Story

Marshmallow, or Mellow for short, as she is now called, adds merriment to her adoptive home wherever she plants her pretty golden paws!

Her mom, who fell in love with her the moment she met her, finds that their little family is now a much more energetic family. Mellow and her doggy sister Missie love to play quite a bit, while Mellow has helped bring Missie out of her shell.

What makes Mellow especially endearing is that she’s always so happy and lively, playful and loving. No matter what her mom is doing, she either wants to be near her or Missie. When it comes to her preferred pastimes, it appears to be a tie between playing tug-o-war with her rope or playing catch with her mom and her numerous tennis balls.

Not surprisingly, tennis balls are mischievous Mellow’s absolute favorite “toys.” She’ll grab one of them and bring it to her mom so that she can throw it to her – repeating this dozens of times a day, every day! If any of the tennis balls accidentally rolls under one of the couches, she “begs” her mom to retrieve it for her, even if there are three or four other tennis balls right beside her. Understandably, her mom finds this incredibly funny and cute.

The family goes to the beach all the time, and Mellow LOVES the water. They also go hiking quite often. And to say that matchless Mellow keeps her mom in perpetual smiles with her goofy antics is putting it mildly. Case in point: she looks ever so silly whenever she lies on her back with her paws curled up and a tennis ball stuck in her mouth. But the silliest thing she did when she first arrived was sit in front of the dishwasher, staring at her reflection in the dishwasher door!

Mellow and her mom went through training shortly after her arrival, and because she’s so incredibly intelligent, she picked up on things right away. Among the many commands Mellow knows are “mat,” “wait,” “stay,” “inside,“ and “outside,” and hand commands such as three fingers means to wait.


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