Sally Janis Success Story

Sally Janis Success Story

“We were excited about picking her up as our foster, but concerned a bit about her appearance as she was so thin, had recently been spayed and her coat did not have the golden glow,” reports Marcy and Jim. Sally Janis, who was surrendered at age 7 when a family move did not include her, quickly won their hearts and never left because “we immediately fell in love with her expressive eyes,” says Mom, and her sweet, gentle personality. Sally has adjusted easily to her new family life which includes travelling between two homes twice monthly, each with a different routine.   She has a lust for life, enjoys 5-6 walks each day and is an 3298sallyjanis_adopt5amazing swimmer.

Sally amuses her family with her huntress routine whenever she sees a squirrel and has a few quirks that are endearing. “She is not really a toy player, even though we have toys around for her. She does like to hold on to one of her beds with her mouth- has never destroyed it, just lies there with a mouth full of bed! She also bites her tail after every meal and we have to gently remove it.” Recently Sally took 4 pairs of matching shoes from Mom’s closet and perfectly lined them up in the living room.

“Sally loves car rides so much that we have a theme song for her – Mustang Sally – ride Sally ride,” reports Mom. She has a special bond with her Dad, enjoying their special 5:30 am walks and snuggle time every night on the floor together.  “We’re so glad to have Sally in our lives.”


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